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Add:Jingmen Chemical Recycling Industrial Park, Hubei Province, China

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Hubei Gurun Technology Co., Ltd. isaleading photoinitiator manufacturer in China, located in Jingmen Chemical Recycling Industrial Park, Hubei Province. Jingmen Yukui Chemical Company is Gurun’s predecessor. Yukui collaborated with several universities from 2007 and set up labs and research institutes to develop photoinitiator GR-TPO, GR-FMT, and GR-XBPO. Due to enhanced demand, Hubei Gurun Technology Co., Ltd is set up in March, 2011, with registered capital RMB 40,500,000, covering 35 acres. Gurun has been dedicated to the development, production and sales of high-performance UV photoinitiators, new photocuring monomers and oligomers. In 2015, Hubei Gurun has beenlisted on New OTC Market (Stock Code: 835595).

As a high-tech company, Hubei Gurun thinks highly of technology and innovation.Each year, 6% of the sales income is used as research funds for new products development. 3,000-square meters research center was set up, equipped with advanced testing analysis instruments and devices. Our R&D team consists of 42 engineers totally. Aiming to strengthen company’s technical power, Hubei Gurun collaborates with Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing Normal University and Wuhan Institute of Technology. Chemical Academician Workstation is set up in July 2013, which is the first one in Hubei Province.Till now 12 national patents have been successfully granted and our company is awarded the third prize for the technology progress in Hubei Province. Moreover, Hubei Gurun’s photoinitiator projects are listed in Major Industrial Projects and Independent Innovation Projects of Hubei Province.
To provide high quality products and services to customers, Hubei Gurun is managed under ISO9001:2008 quality management system. With good quality and competitive prices, products from Hubei Gurun enjoy good reputation both at home and abroad. We aim to lead the innovation and development of radiation-curing material industry in the world.